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Derive Your Organizations Strategies and Marketing Strategies with Effectiveness

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

What is pivotal to strategy is action. Strategy shapes the direction, scope, and competencies of organizations over the long term. It ensures that it guides the organization to a path of success from their competitors and how organizational resources can be configured to meet the needs of markets.

What are the challenges of Strategy to be effective?

Awareness is the key factor, the center of it surrounded by noise — what practices and processes your organization follows require discipline and consistency. What you do all the time needs evaluation on a regular basis, which is essential.

This doesn’t get you noticed. It is what happens that is unexpected that gets you noticed.

Pros— all your competitors have the same problem.

Cons— you have to be on your game all the time.

Problems we typically deal with in marketing and sales can be mission critical for survival of businesses. To stand out from competitors you need to follow practices consistently unexpected (out of the box approach) with your market. — Good service, fair pricing, etc. are expected. You need to execute them consistently so you have an opportunity but for that in an unexpected way and you will stand out.

Often time in our experience, we noticed that organizations are making strategic decisions with their intuition and guts. While intuitions and guts are essential to lead a business, pairing that with right data and appropriate analysis to uncover insights and define strategy from it are mission critical to be effective.

Marketing strategy; is this same or different than business strategy?

A marketing strategy arguably can be a subset of your overall business strategy. It aims to reach out to prospective consumers’ of a company using multiple manners such as value proposition, brand, messaging, data demographics, etc., and turn them into customers of the products or services the business provides.

What makes a strategy effective?

Is it not ironic that ‘strategy’ itself is not always effective? The common perception is use Data, design and messaging to make the strategy effective.

What is a data strategy?

Data tells the story and the stakeholders develop a strategy from the insights.

What if

1. Data is not accurate.

2. Data is not interpreted correctly

3. All data elements are not present to design effective strategy

At Insight Que Solutions, we create custom strategy based on the problems we are solving for our clients. If you need specific help to design the appropriate strategy, please reach out at

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