1. Website Design, Marketing Lead Generation and Branding

We create custom websites and digital marketing strategies for companies across industries such as eCommerce, Retail,  Automotive, Energy and High Risk Industries such as CBD oil. We bring our experience and expertise, which allows our digital marketing group to attract more search engine traffic and generate high-quality leads.

2. Social Media Marketing

Insight Que Solutions provides Social Media Marketing using existing social media platforms to connect with your audience to support the following activities
  •    Brand reputation
  •    Increase sales or conversion
  •    Build website traffic

  •    Increase in engagement

This includes publishing great content on your social media profiles, social listening , engaging your followers, analyzing your results, and running social media advertisements.
The major social media platforms (at the moment) are Facebook, Twitter, Parler, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest,
There are also a range of social media management tools/platform such as Sprout Socials that we can bring you’re your businesses to get the most out of the social media platforms listed above

At Insight Que Solutions we take a two fold approach for social media marketing: organic and paid. 

3. Campaign Strategy 

When developing a client's campaign, Insight Que Solutions engages in the most up-to-date design and tactical practices to achieve optimal customer interaction. From robust designs, colors, imagery and layouts to interactive buyer psychology integrations, we bring a client's brand to the right audience at the right time presented in the right way.

4. Campaign Development

When we begin strategizing marketing campaigns for a client, we start with the end result first and work our way backwards in the buyer's journey. In understanding that journey, we need to understand where that buyer ultimately wants to go. Knowing that there are multiple channels in which a customer can travel, we strive to craft unique sales funnels best suited for that channel.


5. Campaign Performance

A. Campaign Analysis​

When  building a successful foundation for the campaign analyses and optimizations, many building blocks need to be 

 identified and configured appropriately such as campaign identification, tool configuration, customization, reporting. Often campaign analysis include understanding consumers journey and efficacy and efficiency of the campaign with respect to specific KPIs' such as reach, engagement, conversion, brand association and attachment. 


B. Data Modeling

When designing data models, a set of tools and techniques should be used to understand and analyze how an organization collect, update, and store data. Discovering, analyzing, and specifying changes in software and analytics systems create, track and maintain information are critical component to campaign performance. 

6. Marketing Automation

Insight Que Solutions focus on providing state of the art strategies and services on how marketing team should engage with their audience and measure success. Our solutions include professional powerful marketing campaigns with best in class strategy, most intuitive design and landing pages. We deliver the best leads to sales through robust nurture and scoring capabilities. Here is a quick link to our case studies.

7. Multi-channel Marketing Optimization

We employ marketing that fully takes advantage of channels like Search, Social Media, PPC, Email and Interactive Media to create a strong business presence with strategies based on analytics and data science. From this core foundation, we optimize site architecture to increase traffic while testing and strengthening conversion to increase a client's overall marketing ROI.

8. Predictive Marketing

Our solutions include best-in-class analyses of consumer behaviors and predictive marketing to provide best return of your marketing dollar spend. We provide custom awareness, engagement, and conversion driven accurate prediction to deliver best insights and strategies that can significantly improve your marketing conversions.  This helps brands to drive more engagement and conversion with automated, personalized communications.

9. Marketing Attribution

We focus on end to end customers' journey to provide meaningful attribution solutions:

  • Is there an optimal conversion window to consider solving for?

  • What does the repeat conversion behavior look like historically?

  • Are there any micro-conversions defined with engagement type goals, tied to the economic value?

10. Consultation

When applying strategy and tactics to provide solutions to help companies reach ROI, we apply analytics, data science, AI-driven products, solutions. Our team has profound knowledge and experience in designing, implementing and integrating marketing, and Intelligence solutions using advanced tool and technologies.

Helping organizations to improve their performance with respect to industries, process analyses and  implementation, change management, strategy development, and operational improvement, we apply a wide range of framework for recommendations.


11. Data Science

When predicting which products customers' are likely to purchase for a retailer, create engagement from marketing campaigns, applying data and understanding correlations among variables and forecasts them accurately could help determine the true ROI for clients.

12. Artificial Intelligence

From customer engagement, training and helping customers' to provide accurate information about the solutions using chatbots, a wide variety of customized solutions are developed and enabled for clients using artificial intelligence.

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