Insight Que Solutions provides consulting services to small businesses involving strategic analytics solutions in marketing, retail, auto, finance, accounting and bookkeeping related domains. Insight Que provides consulting services for data-driven products and solutions which revolve around best practices of Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and other statistical modeling approaches and techniques. The company's problem solving approaches extends to Behavioral, Qualitative and Big Data mining techniques. We mix and match Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning techniques with Consumer Behaviors, Marketing, Social Science

approaches to derive solutions and lift. 


We bring unique experiences of problem solving and deriving insights across multiple industries and over time we were able to apply insights and Key learning across industries successfully to derive results. The company's primary services include providing marketing and optimization solutions through data-driven analytics and providing strategic guidance to clients in terms execution. Insight Que Solutions focuses on providing consulting services for marketing optimization, targeting, re-targeting, the design of experiments, model building, scoring, etc. The company offers social-media analytics and strategic solutions for small businesses.

The company is poised to deliver successful data-science driven business solutions to multiple industries such as Finance, Auto, Retail, Manufacturing, Energy, etc., based on client's need.


Insight Que Solutions mission is to provide support on the followings: 


   • Guide organizations on strategic issues by delivering data-driven insights

   • Help define performance related to business and marketing metrics

   • Guide organizational decision making

We Support Data Science and AI driven solutions for marketing focusing on:

  1.  Segmentation

  2.  Content Performance

  3.  Media Buying

  4.  Pricing 

  5.  Lead Generation

  6.  Campaign Performance

  7.  Attribution Modeling

  8. Customer Service

  9. Predictive Marketing

We also help develop social media analytics and data-driven strategies for small businesses focusing: 

1.Customer Acquisition strategy

2. Customer Retention

3. Traffic Forecasting

4 Conversion Forecasting

5. Brand Analytics

6. Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics

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