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Establishing A Content Publishing & Marketing Powerhouse

E-Commerce levels the playing field in that it provides anyone with the right mindset an easy and affordable way to be an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, look at the numerous ways that technology has evolved, even in the past 2-3 years. It’s innovation and growth that should excite you and that translates well into the approach to not only content development but business overall.

Content Publishing the HubSpot/Netflix Way

If you look at both HubSpot and Netflix, these two companies can help influence much of how you direct content publishing and the integration of content into a successful marketing program.

To start, perform a content audit and review analytics of any platforms in use. Once you understand where you’re at, you can better assess where you need to go.

Primarily using HubSpot’s playbook for Inbound Marketing, create both content and editorial calendars; content to manage the day-to-day production and execution (messaging, optimization, links, posts, channels, etc.) and the editorial to strategize long-term, overarching themes to allow planning, curating and repurposing content.

Initial Buyer Persona(s) would influence content targeting and include relevant pain points to help craft the copy that resonates the most. These will evolve with time.

“Once you understand where you’re at, you can better assess where you need to go.”

Where you’ll want to veer slightly from the HubSpot playbook, let Netflix take center stage. It’s here where the content publishing strategy either sinks or swims. It hinges greatly on one thing; original content.

Netflix set the standard regarding content accessible anytime, anywhere, any device. They sift through user data, produce original content for a well defined audience (based on that user data), and profit from customer action/reaction.

Netflix set the standard regarding content accessible anytime, anywhere, any device.

Yes, they possess an advantage; their own platform. And through it, they see and scrutinize even the most incremental of activity. Do the same in Analytics, CRM and other platforms. Those incremental ‘blips on a radar’ are where you create advanced analytics segments for identifying and building a strong lead flow for original content. From those segments, start to build lists.

Building Lists from Your Content Publishing Strategy

With each list, create email workflows for each persona that nurture the lead through educational outreach about your company, the products/services and anything else that builds trust turning leads into customers.

Using another page from Netflix (and now other streaming entities), build advanced promotion (word of mouth) of showcase pieces and use FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when the pieces go away. In doing so, you’ll build strong attraction opportunities over the lifetime of the content piece (however long that may be).

These showcase pieces will anchor content production throughout the year and inform much of the repurposing and supplemental content generated.

Now, this content preparation won't serve you without it being consumed. Organic traffic growth takes time, so supplemental tactics require you to reach out to industry websites, blogs and forums to begin a dialogue.

Content Distribution Channels

Use social media to distribute content. PR firms can be used to extend promotional reach for hard-to-obtain outlets. Also, exploit some programmatic and affiliate marketing strategies to simultaneously run alongside the content marketing campaigns.

Once the hybrid HubSpot/Netflix-type production flow is firmly established, the potential for other revenue streams increases. In addition to attracting freelance and guest writers much more easily (due to the virality of the original content), your content can be optioned for new revenue generating opportunities.

Finally, plan at least two to four A/B tests a month (depending on number of channels in play) for continual improvement of reach and engagement.

Overall, this approach (in various configurations over the years) can be adapted successfully for both startup and established business. Enjoy!

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